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Atamon – DXG 5724

ATAMON V1.3 is a new Atari Germany title at Atarinside !
It’s one of the rarest software published by Atari Germany and this V1.3 was still unknown by the Atari community !

Ok, first of all, my apologies for the long silence, life is full of good and bad surprises, but the website is still alive 😉

As usual, the zip file contains a .Pro file. I’m waiting for a KryoFlux but the delivery date is unknown because of the circumstances…

Anyway the most important thing is that Atamon is now preserved : I’d like to thank all the German Atari community for their help on this one (including a special “thank you” to Roland from Atariwiki) , you’re awesome guys ! 😎

Stay at home, play with this software and if you have time :mrgreen:  send me more informations about it.