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Hebdogiciel : All the Atari listings are now available !

Hebdogiciel was a french computer magasine full of listings for Atari, Commodore, Apple, Oric, Amstrad etc.. It was published each weeks between 1983 and 1987 with some famous headlines.

“Tramiel/HHHHHebdo : Same fight”
“Sorry, but computer science is crap !”
“Atari f*cked us!”

With the help of a few old listing lovers, Xavsnap the owner of the website “Hebdogiciel Les listings“, whe just have achieved to convert the programs into 31 ATR images !

Each program is working but one…for now ! (“ZAP” from IRIDIS – but you can help us to make it work if you have some BASIC skills !)
Feel free to use the games and have fun !


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Tutorial : How to dump an old Atari cassette/tape to a CAS or WAV file

Hi @ll, this is my first tutorial, i hope you’ll find it usefull.

Required tools :

1 – First Steps

  • Connect the headphone output to the microphone input of your PC.
  • Keep away any source of interferences such as your mobile phone.

Place the cassette in the player but before recording it, it will be necessary to prepare the tape to have a reading as smooth as possible.
We have to avoid any offset between the tape and the reading head with three important steps:

  1. Rewind the tape completely (rewind)
  2. Fast Forward to the end (fast forward)
  3. Rewind the cassette completely again (rewind)

2 – Recording

Check your recording/microphone volume (on your PC/Windows) is set to 100% (default is 75%).

Start recording in Audacity until your reach the end of the tape.

You may need to repeat this process several times by adjusting the output volume on your cassette player to see a correct result.

If the sound is too loud, it won’t work :

If the sound is too low or if your forgot the rewind/fast-forward/rewind steps, it won’t work either :

If everything went fine you should have something similar to this :

  1. Since you don’t have any music you can remove the left track (Audacity, audio track (on the left), track/split) then remove the left track.
  2. Remove any blank audio at the end of the track (after the last carrier signal).
  3. Export the result as a 16 bits PCM Wav file (do not use the metadatas).

3 convert the WAV file to CAS format (2 different ways : A – with A8CAS or B – with Altirra)

A – Using A8CAS

Then check if you don’t have any “Attempting to recognize data block… failed” in the middle of the wav processing.
Having one at the beginnning or at the end should not have any consequences.

4 check the result

  1. Open your CAS file into Altirra (File/cassette/load).
  2. Disable system/acceleration/C: patch (cassette SIO)
  3. Boot to Basic
  4. type CLOAD then Enter twice

If everything is OK you should have a “READY” message, type RUN and enjoy your program.

B – It doesn’t work ? Try this workaround with Altirra : 

  1. Disable system/acceleration/C: patch (cassette SIO)
  2. Open your WAV file into Altirra (File/cassette/load).
  3. Boot to Basic
  4. type CLOAD then enter twice

If everything is OK you should have a “READY” message, type RUN and enjoy your program.

If you have an “Error 143” :

  1. Enable system/acceleration/C: patch (cassette SIO)
  2. Boot to Basic (System/Cold reset) – This will also rewind your virtual tape.
  3. type CLOAD then enter twice :

If everything is OK you should have a “READY” message, type RUN and enjoy your program.

If not…adjust the sound volume a bit on your player (try more and/or try less loudness) then…go back to step one.

Now your program is loaded but you still need to convert it to a CAS file :

  1. Create a new tape within Altirra :
  2. File/Cassette/New tape
  3. Disable system/acceleration/C: patch (cassette SIO)  – This step is IMPORTANT. If you don’t do it, the result won’t be usable for other emulators and even with altirra itself if C: patch is not enabled.
  4. Open File/Cassette/Tape Control then press the record button (round dot on the right).
  5. Type CSAVE then Enter twice and wait until the “READY” message.

Now save your new tape as a CAS File : File/Cassette/Save.

Et voila ! You now have a working copy of your good old tape !

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Bienvenue sur Atarinside…re(C)LOADed!

[english: see below]

Bienvenue sur la nouvelle version du site, vous y trouverez :

  • Comme avant des photos HD de cartes mère d’ATARI 800 XL qui ont généré plus de 50 000 vues sur l’ancien site, merci à tous pour votre fidélité 🙂

  • Mon hommage à ces belles boites blanc et argent en plastique difficiles à trouver dont beaucoup n’ont jamais été préservées et ne sont parfois même pas -encore- listées sur le très respecté Atarimania, soit toute ma collection actuelle Atari France / Benelux / Deutschland / Italy / UK (72 programmes) incluant pour chacune :
    • Les dumps de cartouches (Logo français…) et disquettes au format .PRO.
    • Les cassettes contenant data et audio patiemment restaurées, resynchronisées et même réparées quand le master ATARI était vendu défectueux ! Ainsi certains volumes d’Initiation à la programmation en Basic 1, 2 et 3” sont maintenant 100% utilisables pour la première fois après 30 ans et disponibles au format .CAS ou .WAV.
    • Les scans de mes manuels (1200 pages scannées).
    • Les scans de mes couvertures.allmyatariboxes
    • La transcription des couvertures arrières dans le langage d’origine.
    • Les publicités (France uniquement pour l’instant).
    • Les captures d’écran.
    • Les videos.
    • Les prix de l’époque et leur évolution pour la France.
    • Des anecdotes :
      • Savez-vous qu’Atari Allemagne utilisait beaucoup de musique pour ses logiciels ? Vous trouverez du Barry White dans les cassettes d’apprentissage du BASIC (Programmieren leicht gemacht), du Jean -Michel Jarre dans “Time Bandit“, Les Beatles dans “Yokyu II” ? Saurez-vous reconnaître la musique de Karriere ? Pour la France, seul “Des chiffres et des lettres” comporte une musique connue…enfin…en France 🙂
      • Saurez-vous retrouver le seul programme traduit en 6 langues par ATARI ?
      • Savez-vous qu’ATARI a réalisé deux versions de boites pour le BASIC Microsoft/MiKrosoft en Allemagne ?
      • Connaissez-vous Dagmar Berghoff, Seymour Papert ou Essoukan Mouangue ?
  • La liste la plus complète possible des références pouboiteshomer chaque pays de ces jolies boites blanc/argent.

Tout cela représente des centaines d’heures de travail, un seul dump vient du web (ma boite est sous blister d’origine), tout le reste, sauf quelques scans de journaux, a été réalise par mes soins.

Servez-vous, amusez-vous, en revanche vu le travail réalisé et le temps passé, une référence ou un lien vers ce site serait apprécié si vous les réutilisez.

Vous voulez aider à trouver les prix dans les journaux, des publicités pour votre pays, ajouter une anecdote, échanger une boite contre une autre ? Contactez moi ici ou sur AtariAge.

J’espère que vous apprécierez ce site, n’hésitez pas à souscrire et à laisser un commentaire !


Welcome to the new Atarinside re(C)LOADed, here’s what you’ll find :

  • As previously, the HD pictures of 800 XL’s motherboards which generated over 50,000 views on the old site, thank you all for your loyalty 🙂

  • My tribute to these beautiful white and silver plastic boxes, many of which have never been preserved and are not -yet- even listed on the respected Atarimania.
    This is my current Atari France / Benelux / Deutschland / Italy /UK collection (72 boxes) including each :

    • Dumps of cartridges ( French Logo …) and disks ( .PRO format).
    • The stereo tapes containing audio data : I patiently restored audio, retimed and even repaired when the Atari masters were defective but sold as is ! Some tapes like “Initiation à la programmation en Basic 1, 2 et 3“are now 100% usable for the first time after 30 years, and available at .cas or .WAV format.
    • The scans of my booklets (1200 pages).
    • The scans of my covers.
    • The transcript of the back covers in the original language.
    • Advertisements (France only for now).
    • The screenshots.
    • The videos.
    • The price in the 80’s in France.
    • Anecdotes:

      Barry White & Love Unlimited Orchestra – Love’s theme – 1974

      • Will you be able to find the only program which was translated in 6 languages by ATARI?
      • Do you know that Atari has made two versions of the Microsoft / MiKrosoft BASIC in Germany?
      • Do you know who are Dagmar Berghoff, Seymour Papert or Essoukan Mouangue?
  • The full reference list of those white/silver boxes for each country.
  • For France only,  the history of the Atari 800 XL linked to Jack Tramiel through the 80’s press.  You can try to use the google translate tool on the right if you still want to read it.

All this represents hundreds of hours of work, only one dump comes from the web (my original box has blister around), all the rest, except a few scans of newspapers, has been done by myself.

Help yourself, have fun, however for the respect of the time i spent on this, a reference or a link to this site would be appreciated if you reuse something.

Do you want to help me to find prices in newspapers, advertisements for your country, add a story, trade a box against another?
Contact me here or at AtariAge .

I hope you’ll enjoy your stay, please subscribe and leave a comment !

A last word: english is not my native language so thanks for your comprehension with my mistakes, drop me an email/comment if you see any correction to do.  😉