Repairing a broken Atari plastic case

Hi @ll, this is a tutorial explaining how i fix my broken Atari ST familly, 8Bit or other old plastic computer cases.

As you can see, this Mega ST case is broken, It is necessary to consolidate the structure so that another part doesn’t break.

The problem is that the surface is too thin to apply glue. Moreover the glue can overflow and dissolve the plastic on the front side.

Print a thin layer of PLA : 3 layers of a 0.10mm is fine.

Required equipment :

  • A flat brush
  • 3D printed PLA
  • Acetone (be carefull and protect yourself, wear gloves, mask…)
  • A little old piece of the same plastic as the one you need to repair (in our case a piece of another Atari ST case).
  • a small container

Prepare the “Dip” : Cut the little piece of platic into smaller pieces, pour a little acetone over it then stir to melt the plastic.

Apply the Dip carefully (not too much) with the brush on one side of both pieces (1 and 2). The ST plastic will melt a bit on the surface. The PLA will melt a little too (a bit less).

Assemble the two pieces and hold them together while the whole thing dries (1 hour max) :

And here’s the result, enjoy 🙂