I’d like to thank (in no particular order) : for their work and the hosting of my scans of “Pokey” and “L’Atarien”.

Rhod for his help and friendship.

Atarimania for being THE best ATARI reference and Atarifrog for it’s amazing and wonderfull personnal collection of the ATARI history.

Michael Current for maintaining the Atari 8-Bit Computers FAQ for so many years.

AtariMax for the huge work he did for the ATARI community, thanks Peter for APE PRO !

Atariage and all their members for being so helpfull (@ndary thanks for you help with “cartridge dumper”).

Phaeron for Altirra, i can’t imagine the time spent for doing such a good emulator.

The developpers of Audacity for this master piece of opensource software !

Tomasz Krasuski for the very usefull A8CAS.

The Atari friends on some french forums and

And you faithful visitor for your patience with my approximate english and for keeping the memory of the ATARI’s legend.

This site is dedicated to all the people who still knows the link between these two objects :


And last but not least, thanks to my wife for her patience and support !