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Fichier Larousse de 15 000 Mots (France)

Hello Folks,

“Fichier Larousse de 15 000 Mots” is a new floppy preserved for the first time at Atarinside !
This disk is a dictionnary add-on for the cartridge “RXF 52001 / Des chiffres et des lettres”.

07-06 : New 2nd fixed version (Side 2 was the same as Side 1 in the zip file).

25-05 : A fixed version with a good dump is available. Sorry for the previous one, i used a 1050 with a Speedy instead of the regular one i always used. 😳
Thanks to Laurent from and Roland from for helping me about it. 😎

26-05 : Beware, if the floppy doesn’t load at boot then you are probably using a bad dump of “Des chiffres et des lettres” cartridge. Use the one provided here.

Unfortunatelly, i wasn’t able to use it with Altirra (the floppy won’t load at boot), that’s why there is no video below (if you kwow why, send me a pm). So use it on a real Atari ! 🙂


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Assembler Editor (Deutschland)

Assembler Editor – RXG 4003 is available at Atarinside 😉
This software was written in the 80’s by Kathleen O’Brien, for an unknown reason she wasn’t credited by Atari (like many others). Kathleen is also the wife of Paul Laughton who created Atari Basic and Atari DOS among other.

I take this opportunity to thank Laurent from for his Paypal donation to support the Atarinside website! 😎

Atarinside is a website that I support alone financially as well as the purchase of rare software that must be preserved.
There is no advertising to finance it because the objective is absolutely not to make money but only to preserve the heritage of software published in Europe by Atari.
So any help is welcome and really appreciated 🙂

One last thing, I’m looking for volunteers to make a press review of Atari XL/XE for Italy, Germany and Benelux (for example, here is the French press review :