Publié le 23 novembre 2016

Hebdogiciel : All the Atari listings are now available !

Hebdogiciel was a french computer magasine full of listings for Atari, Commodore, Apple, Oric, Amstrad etc.. It was published each weeks between 1983 and 1987 with some famous headlines.

“Tramiel/HHHHHebdo : Same fight”
“Sorry, but computer science is crap !”
“Atari f*cked us!”

With the help of a few old listing lovers, Xavsnap the owner of the website “Hebdogiciel Les listings“, whe just have achieved to convert the programs into 31 ATR images !

Each program is working but one…for now ! (“ZAP” from IRIDIS – but you can help us to make it work if you have some BASIC skills !)
Feel free to use the games and have fun !


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