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SprachBox Voice Box - DXG 5721

SprachBox is the German translated version of Voice Box II by the AlienGroup, a programmable speech synthesizer for Atari 400/ 800 computers.
The voicebox is the same as in the US but without the game / demo floppy.
Inside it uses a SC-01-A speech synthesizer chip (see picture) to speak and sing.
On a 800XL, it needs an external +9V – 100mA (at least) power adapter (ie works with any 2600 power adapter).

Developer : Uncredited on the German release. Jerry White for the tools disk (Basic programms and graphics) and « Stud Poker »,  John G.Wilson for « Concentration/Green Goblins/Acey Deucey », Ron Kramer for « Spelling ».
Date : 1983 according to booklet.
Distributed by : ATARI Elektronik Vertriebs GmbH – Bebelallee 10 – 2000 Hamburg 60
DumpDownload – Source : Atarinside for the .Pro format – Boot without « Option » key. (Includes  the US version of the tool disk and the game disk (thanks to Nir Dary)).
SPK.BAS, VBSING.BAS contains : « 1 REM 5/83 G-VERSION 1.1 BY J.S. »
The German version has one more file « TOBIAS.DIC ».
On the German version the « *.BLS » files were renamed as « *.LST ».
English manual : https://archive.org/details/AlienGroupVoiceBoxIIManual

30/03/2020 : John Wilson about Green Goblins/Acey Deucey/Concentration :

When the VoiceBox II came out they had put out a request for people to submit games that used it. I took one of my games I had been developing and added the voice lines and changed a few other things. I also took a couple other games I had in my library and did the same. I was lucky that they accepted my work for inclusion with their demo disk. A friend and I also started a small software house called Unicorn Software (back then that is how a lot of software was published) and Green Goblins was one of the pieces that we put out. Most of the other games was published by Pretelland Software. We also started a disc based magazine called Prism but unfortunately it was at the end of the Atari 8 bit computers life as the Amiga and Atari ST were introduced. I went with the Amiga (which actually was Atari 800’s big brother developed by the same team and had similar architecture. I did all this as a hobby and had a lot of fun. Unfortunately Prism is lost.

More John Wilson games : Download.

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Other translations : Voice BOX II (US)

Now let’s see what it can do : When you think about voice synthesizer, you obviously think to « Joshua » in Wargames (1983). According to Imsai.net the voice in the movie was the voice of John Wood (Falken). Just for fun, I wanted to see if the VoiceBox was able to talk almost the same way and…well, it’s not perfect but rather interesting 🙂
Any volunteer to do the same with Knight Rider ? 😀


Included songs demos

US games demo


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