Publié le 24 mai 2021

Fichier Larousse de 15 000 Mots (France)

Hello Folks,

“Fichier Larousse de 15 000 Mots” is a new floppy preserved for the first time at Atarinside !
This disk is a dictionnary add-on for the cartridge “RXF 52001 / Des chiffres et des lettres”.

07-06 : New 2nd fixed version (Side 2 was the same as Side 1 in the zip file).

25-05 : A fixed version with a good dump is available. Sorry for the previous one, i used a 1050 with a Speedy instead of the regular one i always used. 😳
Thanks to Laurent from and Roland from for helping me about it. 😎

26-05 : Beware, if the floppy doesn’t load at boot then you are probably using a bad dump of “Des chiffres et des lettres” cartridge. Use the one provided here.

Unfortunatelly, i wasn’t able to use it with Altirra (the floppy won’t load at boot), that’s why there is no video below (if you kwow why, send me a pm). So use it on a real Atari ! 🙂


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