For trade – Initiation à la programmation en BASIC (cours n°3)


For trade - Initiation à la programmation en BASIC (cours n°3) - CX 4117 C

Dans cette troisième phase d’initiation à la Programmation en BASIC, vous apprendrez à exploiter pleinement les capacités sonore et graphiques de votre ordinateur ATARI.
Ce programme comporte deux cassettes.
La première vous permet de générer des effets sonores à plusieurs voix, d’imiter des instruments, traduire une portée musicale en langage informatique et créer des tempos grâce à l’horloge incorporée.
Avec la deuxième cassette, vous créerez des graphismes en utilisant les différents modes graphiques et registres de couleurs. Vous apprendrez ensuite à les animer et à créer des effets spéciaux.
Devenez un virtuose du clavier en retrouvant vos airs favoris et en réalisant des graphismes très sophistiqués. (A partir de 10 ans).

Developer: Unknown
Date : 1980 according to cover, 1981 according to booklet.
Distributed by: P.E.C.F. ATARI 9-11 rue Georges Enesco 94008 CRETEIL CEDEX.
DumpDownload  ( 💡 huge file – 1 Gb )  –  Source Atarinside – 4 .Wav files in stereo for datas+lessons.
Each files tested and 100% working with Altirra 2.80. If you don’t want to download the files, you can just watch the youtube videos below.
Both sides of the tapes contains datas and voice :
The voice is recorded on both L/R channels while datas are only on the right channel.
The original quality is very poor : I don’t know what to blame between the quality of the tape, the original master or the original recording tools but the Atari failed to load programs quite often:

Each side has been restored using 2 original tapes recorded at 3 differents audio levels each sometimes 2 or 3 times until each program can be “Cloaded”.

The tools i used to restore the tapes are Altirra, a8cas and Audacity.

The major encountered problem were :

  • Keeping synchronization between the words of the lessons and the screens of the basic programs.
  • The fact that for a same side, basic programs (datas) are not recorded at the same audio level.
  • Sometimes Altirra loads the program with C: SIO PATCH but not without it. And the opposite is also true. The goal was to make it load with or without SIO patch. That’s why i’ve replaced all the data tracks with restored ones.

29 hours of work were necessary for the 2 tapes so i hope you will appreciate it 🙂

Side A : An unknown man is speaking.
Side B : An unknown woman is speaking.
Side C : An unknown man is speaking.
Side D : An unknown woman is speaking.

How to run : Boot with Basic, load .Wav in your emulator, type CLOAD, return then RUN. Enable Cassette SIO Patch if you don’t want to wait.

Price :
150 F (summer 1985) Camif Catalogue été 1985 (P.280)
45F for the 3 boxes – end of stock – (septembre 1987) (Pokey #4 P.6)

Media Type Country Doc


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