Caméléon - DXF 54016

Jeu de stratégie à deux joueurs, sur disquette. Le jeu du Caméléon est le premier jeu de stratégie pure créé spécifiquement pour un micro-ordinateur. Vous pratiquez les échecs, les dames ou le GO… Alors ce jeu va vous passionner. Dix pions noirs, dix pions blancs et 81 cases qui vous feront passer des heures étonnantes.

A strategy game for two, on a diskette. Chameleon is the first pure strategy game specially created for a micro-computer. If you play chess, checkers or GO… this game is for you. Ten black and ten white pawns on 81 squares • an astonishing way to spend a few hours.

Ein Strategiespiel für zwei Spieler auf Diskette. Das Chamäleonsspiel ist das erste Strategiespiel, das speziell für den Mikrocomputer dargestellt worden ist. Wenn Sie entweder Schach, Dame oder GO spielen, werden Sie von diesem Spiel begeistert sein. Mit diesem zehn schwarzen Steinen, zehn welBen Steinen und 81 Felden werden Sie erstaunliche Stunden verbringen.

Een spel voor twee spelers op Floppy-disk. Het Chamelionspel is het eerste strate-gische spel dat speciaal voor de computer ontworpen is. Als U schaakt, damt of het spel GO speelt zult U over dit spel enthousiast zijn. U zult verbaasd zijn hoeveel interes-sante uren U met deze 10 zwarte, 10 witte stenen en 81 velden kunt doorbrengen.

Gioco di strategia per due soli giocatori su dischetto. Il gioco del Camaleone ê il primo gioco di pura strategia creato specialmente per micro-computer. Giocate agli scacchi, o a dama, o al gioco di GO… Evidentemente questo gioco vi appassionera. Dieci pedine ner, dieci pedine bianche e 81 caselle que vi faranno passare delle ore incantevole.

Un juego estratégico en diskette para dos personas. Especialmente creado para la micro-computadora, Camaleón es el primer juego de púra strategia. Este juego es para Usted, si juega ajedrez, damas o GO. Son diez piezas negras y diez piezas blancas en 81 casillas para que Usted pueda pasar varias horas de entretenimiento.

Developer : Denis Friedman was Software Manager at Atari France between 1983 and 1985 then “Head of Third Party Software” at Atari Corp. for a year. He also managed Denis FriedmanBroderbund Europe, Sony Psygnosis and other famous companies before producing movies like “Kaena” – The first french animated 3D movie (according to his Viadeo Profile and his Linkedin profile).
At Atari France (aka ATARISOFT), he did also “Nostradamus” and “L’énigme du triangle” – this one is really rare and hard to find, if you have a good copy to sell, drop me an email :).

You can also read this interview (in french) or this one (english).

: 1985 according to cover and boolket.
Distributed by : Atarisoft – ATARI Corp. – Made in France
Dump : Download –  Source Atarinside – .Pro format (with protection log)
Notes :
I know it’s not a plastic case like the other games in this website but it was produced in France just like “Nostradamus” and “L’énigme du triangle” so it deserves an exception 🙂

The disk is protected with bad CRC and bad sectors :

Other translations : The box was released in 6 languages.
How to run : Load .PRO in your emulator, boot with option key and wait. Enable Disk SIO Patch if you don’t want to wait.
Price : 170F (Soft&Micro 010 – Page 025 (1985-07-08))

Media Type Country Doc


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